MSU Board of Trustees Spending Public Money Exorbitantly

November 19, 2013

Author: Anonymous

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MSU Board of Trustees have seemingly limitless allowance

There was a recent article from a local news channel that reports some of the lavish spending of our very own Board of Trustees.

Notably, Trustee Faylene Owen and her husband vacationed in Germany and France, which MSU paid for. The trip happened when MSU's basketball team traveled to Germany, and the Owen's went along. After Germany, however, they decided to go to France. Overall, their total bill was $26,319, including hotels, travel, and limousine, all of which was paid for by MSU.

And she isn't the only Trustee to have taken advantage of this travel perk, according to the article. That's fucked up. What's also really crazy about this is that the president of our university, Lou Anna Simon said this was money well spent.